AcrisureRW is here to help business sellers

We exist to help exiting business owners like you. We are founded by entrepreneurs who have acquired and exited businesses multiple times, so we understand the risks that come with the territory. We are bringing our expertise surrounding transaction liability insurance to SME markets. By adding AcrisureRW, business owners can secure holistic IP coverage for both past and future risks.

Key components in an acquisition agreement, representations and warranties (R&W), are often heavily negotiated by both sides. Traditionally a seller agrees to secure the buyer against breaches of the seller’s R&W, typically in the form of escrow. However, with AcrisureRW representations and warranties insurance, this becomes unnecessary in most smaller M&A deals.

AcrisureRW is underwritten by Lloyd's of London, which offers business sellers unmatched coverage and protection with a policy that strengthens your position by adding four key advantages;

1. Retain what's coming to you
2. Reduce capital at risk
3. Avoid legal fees fighting disputes
4. Keep partner relationships friendly

Apply today and get pre-approved within 1-2 days. No payment is required to be listed on the AcrisureRW feed.

Avoid the financial drain of law suits after closing. With a nearly 1 in 5 chance your client's exit will be litigated, why not offer this valuable protection?