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What is Representations & Warranties coverage?

AcrisureRW protects buyers against a seller's misrepresentations and financial warranty claims. You can close deals faster with greater confidence and financial protection by using our policy. And that’s peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else (not to mention more moola in your pocket). Cha-ching.

Safer for sellers

An insurance policy that covers the sell-side against buy-side claims you mislead or lied about your company financials

Get paid in full

A way for sellers to guarantee they walk away with the negotiated price and not suffer hold-backs or legal fees

Easier earn outs

Protection for buyers who want to settle with an insurance company instead of battling the buyer's lawyers.

Better for lawyers

Business lawyers use an R&W insurance policy to help to simplify and speed up negotiation of the acquisition agreement.

Better for buyers

The buyer who wants to transfer M&A fears and risks to an insurer can relax knowing a policy will pay for non-disclosure perils.

Close faster

Reps & Warranty insurance covers all breaches of the sell-side's representations and warranties made within the purchase agreement.

Representation & Warranties Insurance Claim Example

Financial loss

A buyer discovered that a sellers’ representations were inaccurate, and the buyer suffered a financial loss. A massive lawsuit was diverted by the policy.

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IP Infringement

A buyer was notified of significant patent litigation regarding the proprietary software. A claim with filed to defend the seller.

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Fines & Penalties

After closing a deal, the business was investigated for employment law violations. Helpfully, the insurer paid for the defence costs and settlement.

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